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Roxana Ionescu

Since 2004 my work meant for me installations that use *natural elements shaped and expressed with the sculptured pieces.                                                                                         * Forceful wind, air bubbles, light,hills…

Plastic wrap, three meter size pictures as well as furniture used as a symbol (piano chair,piano itself),or architectural structure (pillars ,wall structures etc), video or audio,pieces have helped me express or put into visual, the contrasting concepts that surround us all.                                                                  To me art is an important source that should create environments suitable to sustain life, such is tranquility.. or other expensive pieces that are rare in our created modern sociological collapses.

This *MSC  are obstructive structures that build a fading glory and immense necessity of freedom,which is very much declared but yet  somehow not attainable.                                                                                                                                                                                         *modern sociological collapses.

Society creates dependencies from sugar salt to drugs /alcohol that make this collapse hidden.                                                                                                                                                                         Nature at its best is fragile but persistent, always fighting for us and fighting with  our messes.

With paint or sculpture, with natural elements and concepts, there is a lot to express; the structure that we created as society  becomes a very good imagery.

Translation from fact to art permits our creative inheritance to take such a different discourse that is wonderful.


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