ceea ce nu se vede..aerul

– viata depinde , de ceea ce nu putem definii sau identifica prin simturi.

Instalatie//work on site4×foto print pe canvas 3M -h/subiect: aer/confort




air comfort 2c2.jpg







Source: | ro xa art on WordPress.coair-comfort-24-25-martie-145

/aircomfort serie foto credit:roxana ionescu

3 cm air buble-as in bublerap folosit pentru design pereti..podea si pentru design*obiecte simbol

*scaun pian&pian ,elementi ahitecturali de sustinere site specifice…

Instalatie sonorà by roxana ionescu

ACEASTA INSTALATIAE A FOST FINALIZATA ,DUPA* O SAPTAMANA DE LA PREZENTZA EI IN GALERIE.numele~ COMFORT~engl &  Aer,*IN ACEASTA SAPTAMANA EA ~A DEVENIT ~ o ilustrare potrivita pentru acest concept delicat si complex
LUMINA AERUL SUNETUL au fost simtite ca si forta , sau putere in contextul vizual propus aici,deoarece aerul a folosit puterea sunetului pentru a aduce in realitatea noastra ideea propriei existente.


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*implica transpunerea in functie de perceptia fiecaruia si traducerea SPECIFICA INDIVIDULUI prin filtrul celor trei dimensiuni complexe ale fiintei umane)

aer~sunet  |sunet  ~prezenta receptata|   sens

air comf afis copy

Art Installation of large print photos of plane’s inside fabric..bublerap and voice /sound.
-piano and piano chair were contained after being tailored for silence”in a comfortable way”alog with elegant yet disturbant arhitectural elements
the geometry of a Circle was the graph ism that gave birth to the light relaxing impression sent by this art piece
The excellence of breathing/idea birthed out of the laborious process of flight& faith…found i real example like Jesus Christ of Bethlehem -Israel and the etherical dimension of air as observed in the process of flight.

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