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By Art Curator Liviana Dan

about “Insideout”

Roxana ionescu,creates events.They are being multiplied by there own presentation.
She does not over use the viewing technicks but rather finds other methods to clarifie each information or process that she is creating.
The artist works ..just as delicate in forged iron as in aluminum or tin.
Her portrets and landscapes contain a history that desaminates them and rends them tangible.
Her work .”little curly girl.”cought the the violent and irrational shapes that are talking about singullarity..
a resistence to the real time,that give its transparency towards the absolute.
“Insideout.” project invites us in a dangerous game with the fourth dimmension,that of the virtuallity surreal,the impact of opposite pols is provoked:
opposite-those of past and future.,and those of subjective and objective.
Everything is zerrowed..fueling the desire for the knowledge of the invisible.
The art of Ionescu Roxana does not corrupt the vizible,but rather changes it so that we may discouver what it is on the inside of it.

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